Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 2 - Valley of Fire

Yesterday morning Kathryn and I woke up and headed out the Valley of Fire State Park. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

After a slow and winding 13 miles through the desolate Paiute tribal lands we arrived.
Fire Canyon / Silica Dome Panorama
"Just look at all this!"

My wife-to-be looking strong and beautiful just like the Valley of Fire.
Dr. Mom and Kathryn with their beautiful smiles. I see where Kathryn gets her beauty!
Kathryn and Mom overlooking the Rainbow Vista.
Who are those crazy fools on top of that mountain?!
Oh it's just Lee and Will. I think Alyssa is somewhere in there too, she's just too small to see.
Stopping for smooch-break along the White Domes trail loop.
She always knows how to pose for the camera :)

We had an amazing time at Valley of Fire Start Park. If you're ever visiting Vegas, don't miss this serene gem. The isolation, beauty, and sheer magnitude of the formations is worth the hour drive. That's it for this post. I have to go get ready, I'm getting married in a few hours!

- Mike

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  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful!! Congratulations on your big day!