Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Traditions

Sunflowers on Thanksgiving
Mike and I took a break from wedding plans to host Thanksgiving dinner this year at my mom's beach condo. We had so much fun cooking all day together Wednesday, transporting an entire car full of food at around midnight, decorating early Thursday morning, and dancing around a very stringent oven schedule Thursday afternoon. We both love the holidays dearly.

Homemade pecan pie.
Making our own holiday traditions as couple and a new family is going to take time, but right now we're enjoying sharing personal traditions like Mike's very strict custom of no Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving upon it shall play constantly.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving rituals.
Between holidays, finals, and our wedding I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I am so grateful I have such a wonderful partner by my side to keep me steady.

Chilly beach day.

<3, K


  1. I'm so happy for you both! I love the photos and love that you tackled the big job of making the Thanksgiving feast and transporting it! xo Lise

  2. p.s. Absolutely beautiful, picture perfect pecan pie!